The Morning Sports round-up: Sanchez stays quiet, Rooney and Pacman have hair issues, birthdays, and more.


Jets QB Mark Sanchez plays coy when questioned about his alleged romance (NY post)

Wayne Rooney shows us that his head is healing ok after his hair transplant (Daily Mail)

Ex-Gator Nick Calathes could be the Mavericks’ version of Ricky Rubio apparently. (Orlando Sentinel)

When Psych goes bad, Doc suggests seeing team lose is for the greater good, huh? I guess Cubs fans would be prime examples. You’ll understand more after you read. (Vancouver Sun)

Jermon Bushrod of the New Orleans saints is a good guy (NOLA)

The Bengals are working out and building chemistry. And most importantly, Pacman looks happy. ( Photo Credit: The Enquirer-Michael E. Keating. 

In more ex-Gator news. Former NFL player Brandon James is heading up north to play (Canoe)

Oscar Robertson goes Scottie Pippen on us. He says M.J. isn’t the best player ever, sorta. (Sporting News)

Pedroria may or may not be injured. Even if he is not injured, he should take some time off. (Yahoo)

Charlie Villanueva is playing baseball for a good cause (Detroit Free Press)

Recently deceased members of the 49ers “Million Dollar Backfield" will have their brains studied (San Fransico Chronicle

Greg Jennings is an actor but we already knew that. Google greg jennings actor or acting and see how old story is. Recycled lockout story much? (Journal Sentinel online)

NHL Legend Wayne Gretzy’s kid plays baseball? He cites the Yankees as reason for loving baseball, yea, sounds right. (Canada)

Random non Sports news which is mostly criminal activity:

It’s never too late to cop to a murder, ask this 96 year old woman. (Bangor Daily News)

At ISU, kids are getting “Poken” (Tribune Star)

Guy plants spyware on various females computers which allowed him access to their cameras. Creeper alert! (OCRegister)

Another creeper videotaped guys in bathroom. (The SUN)

BB Gun violence (NYDN)

Todays Sports birthdays

Sebastian Telfair is 26, whimsy…

Udonis Haslem who gets to guard Dirk during crunch time turns 31. If you want, you can buy his Dodge  Challenger, allegedly. H/T google search to (Topspeed) (inautonews) (autoevolution) pics via (ebay)

Recently designated NBA finals bench warmer Peja Stojakovic is 33, happy birthday.

Former Patriots MLB and current ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi welcomes 37 shortly after climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Alright, that is all…. 

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