Ines Sainz has pretty feet

So Ines posted this pic

Spanish: Que se traen con miz zapatos? Saben lo dif(icil) q(ue) es autosacarse una foto de l(o)s pies? Va P(ara) el q(ue) la pidio!

Translation: What do you guys get out of a pic in my shoes? Do you even know how hard it is for me to take a picture of my feet? Well, this is for the person who asked for the picture.  (via)

No word on who requested it but one of the people who commented on the photo made a good point. 

Trans: Alphalaz: Not good….You just made someone’s day that may have a foot fetish. via 

This is true. Now, do I know anyone who possibly has a foot fetish and possibly has some interest in Ines or vice-versa? O, Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa, how could I forget… 

To conclude, here a few more attractive female sports personalities who have tweeted their feet. Enjoy mates.


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