Chris Bosh’s Fashion Night Out at Saks

Need I say more…



@mkt157 Chris Bosh shooting hoops at saks



Chris Bosh at Saks. @lcandrea whoa he's so tall!  Lols #fno #nyfw



The night was so big Chris Bosh wasn't big enough for that tweet


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Kid is not impressed with autograph, I wonder why….


Long Live the Queens of the Court! The WNBA brand is at an all time high!

What a headline! What a title! What a fabrication! I have no idea if this is in fact true. Might very well be. But how do we find out, o yea, that “r” word, Research. Mr.McConnell is currently focusing his Master’s thesis on trying to answer the WNBA brand question. 

As an academic in my other life I appreciate what goes into doing research. Hours upon hours, days upon days, weeks upon weeks of brainstorming a question to ask, finding funding, setting up research, finding research participants, collecting data, analyzing data, and writing a report about your findings. I just have a few thoughts on this research. First, it’s anonymous and online. It’s impossible to know who is on the other side taking the survey. We all know you can be anyone you want to be online, i’ll leave it at that. Second thing, when conducting research we’re asked to be neutral. We are not advocates, we are supposed to be cold unfeeling scientists. Now, does this sound neutral?

I don’t think so. Of course, it’s impossible for anyone to have no prejudice or emotion, we are human.  I just suggest, at the very least, don’t appear slanted in either direction. People can question your motivations and ultimate results because it may appear that you want to present a certain view. More on neutrality.

Survey Question #9

"It is a troubling sign only three of the original eight WNBA cities still host a team. (LA, PHX, NY)"

I’m troubled that he used “troubling.” That’s what you call a loaded word. It conveys so much meaning and emotion. Think about the last time you heard the word troubling. Hell, google search troubling in google news and see the types of stories pop-up. And that is what we’re programmed to picture in our mind’s eye when we hear it. So the logic would be that participants might be lead to believe it is more of a problem than it really is. Maybe the question should have been phrased “is it problem that only [….].” Problem is general, conveys the same meaning, and most importantly, it’s neutral. But that’s just me.

FInal thing to keep in mind when doing any research is who and how many, in reference to participants. How many is a straightforward thing, you would like as many as possible. For example, would you be more trust of a study’s results that has only 20 participants versus one that has 2500? Exactly! My issue is more with the “who.”I found out about this study through a WNBA player I follow who happened to retweet his survey link. Looked on his page and saw WNBA players upon WNBA players who replied to him stating that they have retweeted his link. Now “who”, besides me, follows WNBA players? PI’m guessing, people who follow the WNBA. A self-serving group who might be at risk of committing generosity errors. In other words, it’s believed that people might overestimate certain qualities of people they like. In this case, it’ll be the league. So you can question any results if this population is only studied. He says other people have taken his study. I believe him but I don’t think those numbers are enough. Now this is where you come into play. If you can, take his survey and answer it honestly. You’re contributing to research, giving someone more numbers to crunch, and most importantly, adding a voice. Why is this important? 

He is going to pitch this to team/marketers. Want to make sure that they receive representative data of all sports fans. 

Here is the survey link



Shaq gives a fan some dap while riding his double bike in the suburbs. He also has some kickass shorts, haha. PS, did vid is from the ibksports who brought us the Boston fan getting tackled, haha. 

Sasha Vujacic looks like he is enjoying Wimbledon

He is there to support Maria Sharapova, lucky guy. 

Clive Brunskill (Getty Images)

Clive Brunskill (Getty Images)

Clive Brunskill (Getty Images)

Clive Brunskill (Getty Images)

Clive Mason (Getty Images)

Clive Mason (Getty Images)







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WNBA Leading Scorers (Photos)

List as of 6/22/11

1.Slyvia Fowles 21.2

2. Tina Charles 20.4

File:Tina Charles UConn.jpg

3. Diana Taurasi 19.8

4. Sophia Young 17.5

5. Becky Hammon 17.4

6. Crystal Langhorne 17.3

 Washington Wizards' Crystal Langhorne

7. Danielle Adams 17.2

Danielle Adams

t-8. Sue Bird 17


t-8. Penny Taylor 17

T-10. Candice Dupree 16.6

T-10 Candace Parker 16.6

Morning Sports Report: See a Catamaran crash, Mr.Amlost 3000 Derek Jeter is hurt, Birthdays, and more…

I didn’t even know what a Catamaran was, now I do. Nice action pic of the crash. Here is the video. (DailyMail)

Jeter is hurt!!! The quest for 3000 hits has halted. (NYDN) (NYPost)

This story of a Cuban defector will start your day off well. (Charlotte Observer)

MAVS know how to party, or at least Mark Cuban does (NYP-Page6)

Chicago writer agrees, Wrigley Field IS a dump. (Suntimes) Photo Credit: Tom Cruze (Sun Times)

The Cecil Newton Law (DNJ)

Coach Fisher and Heimerdinger play Chairty Golf (Tennessean) Photo Credit: George Walker IV (The Tennessean)

Study shows early birds to better during the day and worse at night. Conversely, night owls do worse during day games and better at night. Study is flawed as hell. Too many confounding factors.  (Medpage) (Wired

Know that kid from the Oregon Ducks football team who was pulled over doing a 118, well turns out it wasn’t his car. It was rental….rented by school employee. He paid for it’s use but let’s see what the NCAA thinks. (USA Today)

Former Nebraska player was shot (Omaha)

Broken bats a problem? (Postcrescent)

The CFL, the league that Terrelle Pryor essentially said thanks but no thanks, thinks drug-free is the way to be. (

Detroit Tigers OF Brennan Boesch is a superstitious fellow. He believes the growth around his face directly contributes to his recent plate prowess. (FreePress) Photo Credit: Dave Reginek (Getty Images) 6-8-11

Talking about hair, Gervinho will be taking his as well as his talent to Arsenal, maybe. (Goal)

This HS is stacked with D-1 kids. (AJC)

The perp who killed Cortez Smith, Wayne State football player, has been apprehended. (Myfoxdetroit)

Serena Williams could have died but she is all better now. (DailyMail)

Josh Freeman is ready to have a 3 day mini-camp with his football team. I like the kid, think he could be a star but the fro gotta go, haha. (TBO)

Random news which is mostly criminal activity

Does this look like a woman who would run over her Boyfriend? (Union Leader)

Girl survives rabies without a vaccine (Seattle times)

College Professor stalks former student (clickondetroit)

This young lady and her kids kill kittens (WTSP)

Brain Training works (LATimes)

Police break-up criminals running underage sex parties. No United player joke here…. (SKY)

EA sold out (Forbes)

A proud rapist goes away for awhile (TheAge)

Sssssssomebody ssssssstole a sssssnake from a pet “ssssstore”, “Thievesssss!” (Heraldnet)

Wine Kegs = Brilliance (Chicago Tribune)

Super WTF story of the day: Japanese man collected 500 spit samples of almost 4000 girls he had contact with in 17 years. He also recorded everything on tape to do his dirty afterwards. (NDTV)

Guy ran out of the hospital in his birthday suit. (AJC)

Speaking of birthdays

Former Seminole and current Viking Lorenzo Booker is 26

Former Ravens great Chris McAlister is 33. 

Donald Trump, former owner of United States Football league team the New Jersey Generals, is 65. Who dares to call him a senior citizen today?

And apparently today is the anniversary of the Vancouver Stanley Cup riot, who knew. 

Alright, thats all I got….later!!!

What Udonis Haslem thinks of people hating on his braids. Photo Credit Mike Ehrmann (Getty Images)

What Udonis Haslem thinks of people hating on his braids. Photo Credit Mike Ehrmann (Getty Images)

LeBron James thinks we all need to chill the fuck out. Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann (Getty Images)

LeBron James thinks we all need to chill the fuck out. Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann (Getty Images)

Jason Terry wonders why you’re mad. Photo Credit: David J. Phillip (AP)

Jason Terry wonders why you’re mad. Photo Credit: David J. Phillip (AP)

LeBron James’ struggle face. Photo Credit: David J. Phillip (AP)

LeBron James’ struggle face. Photo Credit: David J. Phillip (AP)